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All the Love for Tracy Jillian

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Last week Epic Memorials had the distinct honor of closely collaborating with a tight-knit community of friends who rallied together to create a beautiful celebration of life for their deeply loved friend, Tracy Lee Jillian. On the evening of February 18, 2020 at  Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, Tracy's friends delivered a heartfelt and moving ceremony abundant with talented musicians, salty language, inspirational stories and much-needed laughter. Once filled with tasty food (provided by Tracy's friends at Leaf and Ladle) and drink (provided by Tracy's friends at her favorite haunt, the Honey Moon) guests were treated to a piano performance of "Somebody to Lean On" by Tracy's young step-son Ellis, which quickly turned into an endearing singalong with everyone in attendance joining in. Later, guests were invited to participate in a water ceremony wherein many of Tracy's loved ones shared favorite memories and stories about Tracy while holding a vessel of water which was then poured into a communal bowl. It was an evening filled with nothing but love for Tracy and I am deeply grateful for having been part of it. You can read more about Tracy's celebration of life from my perspective on the Epic Memorials blog.

A video of Tracy's memorial ceremony can be viewed on the Epic Memorials Facebook page.

Photos from Tracy's celebration of life can be found in the Epic Memorials portfolio.

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