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We understand that Epic Memorials provides an innovative, modern service uncommon in the United States - which means you may have some questions! We've included some helpful information for you below.


What is the difference between a funeral and

a memorial or celebration of life?

Funerals and celebrations of life are similar in purpose- to honor the dead- but look and feel differently. Traditionally, funerals are more ritualistic and focused on mourning a person's death. Usually held in funeral homes, churches or cemeteries, a funeral service typically occurs within a week of the death and the body is often present at the ceremony- which tends to make for a somber event. Memorials and celebrations of life are focused on just that- remembering and celebrating the individual's life. These events typically occur weeks or even months following the death after remains have been cared for. Beyond this, there are no rules or guidelines for a celebration of life- it can truly be anything you imagine it to be!

 Are you a funeral director?

No, Epic Memorials is an event planning business- we just happen to be in the business of creating events that celebrate the dead. We do not assist clients in handling remains but are happy to make local referrals if asked.

 What are the benefits of choosing a
celebration of life?

The greatest benefit of choosing a modern celebration of life instead of a traditional funeral is time. It is simply not possible to create a truly fitting tribute for a unique individual within days of their death. Additionally, emotions are generally less raw after some time passes which allows for an atmosphere more celebratory in nature to develop among guests. It also allows out of town family and friends time to make travel arrangements, meaning more loved ones get to be part of the celebration.

 What elements of creating a celebration of life can Epic Memorials assist me with?

Epic Memorials is a full-service event planning business. We can help you with as many or few elements as you need to create a memorable celebration of life including*:

  • All vendor communications

  • Development of an individualized design suite

  • Guidance in the creation of the ceremony

  • Creation of personalized video slideshows

  • Floral design

  • Menu planning

  • Audiovisual needs including live streaming of celebration

  • Event day coordination & host duties

                                   *Please see services page for a full listing of our services

 What do you charge for your services?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Epic Memorials accepts cash and checks as well as payments through Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, and Square. Clients are responsible for fees assessed on all card transactions.

 Epic Memorials' Green Commitment

Epic Memorials is a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to protecting our planet with sustainable business practices. We pledge to use only reusable, recyclable or compostable products in the planning and  execution of all events.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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