Praise From Our Clients

At Epic Memorials, we recognize that our clients are in an incredibly tender state when they seek our services. Our own intimate relationship with grief allows us to deliver our talents and skills in an environment of compassion, patience and integrity. Please consider the kind words of previous clients as you decide whether Epic Memorials is a good fit for you.


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Your special touch - on everything from the video, photos, flowers, memorial table and CAKE (!) were stupendous and captured the essence of my mother in ways I never could have imagined. I am so, so grateful for you - and the incredible gift you gave me - of SPACE - so that I could grieve my mom's passing, care for my dad and also find words to express something of what my mom meant to me and all who knew her.

John Sage

Seattle . WA

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Sandi is compassionate, competent and creative, and she is passionate about creating a memorial that will be remembered for years. This is the person you want to partner with to create the tribute of your dreams. She knows what it feels like to be lost in grief and how a simple decision, like choosing a color scheme, can feel overwhelming to a brain overcome with grief. Sandi's creative background and knowledge of events positions her to be a creative consultant on design elements. If you are unsure of what you want, that is no problem for Sandi. She will brainstorm an abundance of ideas for the event and all you need to do is select those that appeal to you. She does her homework on the honoree and has a well-developed sense of what would be appropriate. I can't think of a better person to be a memorial event planner than Sandi, who has both the requisite skills, experience, and natural talent to work sensitively and proficiently to fully deliver on her promise to create an epic memorial.     


Initially, she sat down with me to discuss the honoree and his life. Later, I found out that she built on this initial discussion by thoroughly researching things about his life that I mentioned and that she wanted to know more about. Sandi went so far as to meet twice with a group of my husband’s friends in an effort to learn as much about him as possible in order to create a memorial that perfectly demonstrated who he was, tailoring the event to specifically reflect his personality. Sandi's extensive research into who my husband was was evident in her displays. It was clear that she understood the honoree and curated those items that most closely represented him. Using pictures, clothing, artwork, and food, she created artful presentations that were beautiful and representative of who my spouse was and how he lived. Most importantly, Sandi listens well, even intuiting what was important to me and what I hoped to accomplish. She pays meticulous attention to details and how everything fits together to form a cohesive whole. She was dedicated to carrying out my vision and bringing it to life.


Sandi was always willing to do whatever I wanted with good cheer and a positive attitude, no matter what I asked or when. She thinks quickly on her feet and is very calm under pressure, displaying flexibility where required and adamantly sticking to the schedule when necessary. She was excellent at keeping me abreast on how things were progressing. Sandi will keep you informed, often daily, how things are going and what she did. Depending upon your level of participation (mine was low) she will remind you when you need to have things paid for and what she might need from you (E.g. photos). She will provide you with daily updated costs as well as email statuses on what's been done and what else she is working on. She is highly organized and manages the minutiae with ease. She was adept at keeping me informed of all aspects of the event and I always felt she was on top of things.

Sandi used management software to keep track of scheduling and costs, and updated these constantly. She gave me the ability to view and comment, if desired. I always knew what was going on and when I could expect something to happen. This was especially useful in helping me to manage my own time, as I knew when there would be a lull in activity and when I could expect things to become very busy. She juggled the varied aspects of the event and knew how to staff it (either paid hires or volunteers) so that all progressed smoothly. Sandi calls herself frugal and is adept at budget management, looking out for the lowest pricing she can get for you without sacrificing quality.


Sandi had plans for contingencies and made corrections on the fly with little fanfare and lots of good cheer. She is resilient and adaptable with excellent interpersonal skills and is comfortable dealing with vendors, suppliers, staff, and volunteers. Sandi knows how to problem solve and think quickly on the fly. I wanted some last minute changes that would be time consuming to achieve, and she instantly worked with me to find a solution that made me happy. Even during what was a high stress period (setting up for the day of the event) she was cheerful, kept track of numerous tasks, and handled last minute changes with aplomb.   


When I hired Sandi she had just launched her business and was still in the process of establishing relationships with vendors. Given her hard work ethic and determination to give me an epic memorial, I couldn't tell that she was a newbie. I have over 20 yrs of experience as a project manager, and it was obvious from the start that Sandi has the innate ability and skills to do this work. I can't imagine a more perfect person as an event planner for memorials.               

A true measure of how well Sandi did is reflected in the feedback I got from some of the attendees (these are verbatim quotes):     


  • It was a magical night!

  • It was PERFECT!

  • Amazing!!!!!! John’s tribute was priceless. The memories you now have will help fill your heart every time you look over the lawn. So so glad you hired her!!! She’s really thoughtful, sensitive, kind and selfless. Oh! and did I say an artistic wizard? She’s starting her career with a cosmic boom! Lot’s of great experiences are ahead of her!!

  • What an incredible night to remember!

  • What a gift! You sure did honor him!

  • It was obvious that good friends were there for him and that you had arranged the most beautiful and creative send-off I have ever attended. Sandi's intimate touch was on everything. You should be so proud of ensuring no one who was in attendance will ever forget the deep love that you and John shared as was reflected in every loving touch.

  • We enjoyed ourselves very much and we have nothing but congratulations on an outstanding memorial and production! John would have been proud indeed.

Lydia Kunnap

Bellingham . WA

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My dearest companion and husband, Jerry, died on Dec 7, 2017 after 54 years of married life, and 56  years of loving him.  As we considered our tribute to his life, it was important to our family that we tell Jerry's story, express how he touched our lives, and share the many facets of his being as authentically as we could.


Sandi used her professional photography skills to create a montage of our chosen photos. She was a master in assembling pictures that corresponded with stories shared by speakers throughout the service. Not only were the pictures professionally presented but they seamlessly captured Jerry's sparkling eyes, his loving smile, and truly the essence of who he was, making it an unforgettable event.


Not only did Sandi coordinate the pictures for the memorial service but she created a second photo montage that played continuously during the reception- photos from all aspects of Jerry's rich life delighted our guests throughout the evening. Sandi also assisted me in professionally formatting an elegant order of service unique to Jerry.


You will not find anyone more in tune with the fine details that distinguish an event than Sandi.  Besides possessing a natural sensitivity to the nuances surrounding death rituals, she has the knowledge, the experience, the creativity, and the skills that allow her to mark such important occasions in an exceptional way.

Beth Brownfield

Bellingham . WA

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My mother was my absolute best friend. When she was sick in the hospital and we learned that she wasn’t going to recover this time, it was devastating and heartbreaking. The only thing that helped me with my heartbreak was knowing I could give her the celebration of life that she deserved. The most important thing to me was to honor her and her life, taking into consideration her wishes and desires the best way I could. Thankfully, I had the ability to speak with my mother (although it was difficult) to learn about her end of life wishes before she transferred to hospice.

Throughout my mother’s three month illness, I spent every single day by her side. When she passed, I was empty inside. I was emotionally and mentally drained. I knew I had to find the strength to put together her celebration of life, but the grief was overwhelming. Thankfully, Sandi offered to assist. She is a wonderful, creative person who has a beautiful heart and the ability to help others when they are in deep mourning. My mother loved flowers and her favorite color was purple. Sandi created beautiful flower arrangements for my mother’s celebration of life and in her decor, she found thoughtful ways to include my mother’s love of music and going to concerts. She also created a personalized memory book for my family which includes handwritten notes from guests.

On the day of my mom’s service, I didn’t know if I could do it. I was seconds away from a complete breakdown. When we arrived at the location, Sandi knew I needed her. She immediately went to work creating displays of photos, memorabilia and flower arrangements and helped me create the beautiful celebration of life that my mother wanted and deserved.


Sandi’s passion is helping others, she is a strong, and talented individual who does beautiful and meaningful work. Give your family and yourself some time and space to heal when you lose a loved one. Allow Sandi to help plan your Epic Memorial, you won’t regret it!

Rhiannon Watkins

Mt. Vernon . WA