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Obituary Writing Services

Personalized Obituary Writing Services Celebration of life memorial

The traditional obituary reads like a boring, impersonal list of facts, dates, and accomplishments that do little to tell the reader much about the essence of the person about whom it is written. When it comes to telling the life story of a unique individual, the standard fill-in-the-blank format used by funeral homes leaves little room for creativity or candor.


At Epic Memorials, we believe a good obituary should tell the reader not just what your loved one did but should express who they were. When composing a truly meaningful obituary, we take into consideration the whole person- the personality, characteristics, passions, and hobbies...all of the things that made them who they were.


To lighten your burden, this service includes handling placement of the obituary in your local newspaper as well as in an online gallery on our "honorees" page.

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