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Celebrations of Life

That death rituals have existed throughout history in every culture in the world is a strong testament to the human need for ceremony when acknowledging death. Indeed, the opportunity for connection and communal mourning appears to be a valuable part of healing following the loss of a loved one. For decades, death rituals in the United States have been guided by prescribed traditions that focus more on mourning death than celebrating life. As a result, the typical American death ritual - the funeral, has become known as a dark, heavy and somber event which many people feel uncomfortable attending.


Fortunately, social norms surrounding death and mourning are evolving in the modern world. As American society becomes more secular, people are moving away from ritualistic religious ceremonies and seeking ways to make death rituals more meaningful. An exciting shift toward end-of-life celebrations featuring greater personalization and individual expression is taking hold. Without formal tradition guiding us, there is greater room for creativity and authenticity in our death rituals.


At Epic Memorials, we realize a customary church or funeral home service is not the right fit for everyone and are thrilled to offer you an alternative. We encourage our clients to break free of conventions as you imagine the perfect life celebration for your honoree. We believe a memorial can be anything you dream it to be and we will do everything we can to make your vision a reality. Whether it be an elaborate public event or an intimate bonfire on the beach, Epic Memorials will patiently guide you through the creation of the one-of-a-kind tribute your loved one deserves.







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